SinoGate Business Intelligence Group is a business association and joint network of international companies that provides information, news streams and facilitation services for enterprises, organizations and institutions that have an interest in China’s outbound investment strategies and to stay updated on news reports, analysis and firsthand information on related topics regarding China’s overseas investments.

Our Mission

SinoGate’s main mission is to provide a trusted platform for corporate investors and local investment promotion centers to connect and exchange relevant information on projects, as well as to discuss related information in order to facilitate investments.

Partners & Resources

SinoGate Associate Hong Kong

SinoGate Consultants

Building on a strong and solid support base from our partnering Chinese corporations and key-companies, SinoGate operates in close cooperation with several of the big core players among China’s main construction companies, equity funds and other investment facilitators.

With access to the project funding mechanisms, know-how and the technical expertise needed to embark on the journey of large-scale construction projects, SinoGate facilitates investments and leads liaison work, contract negotiations until the successful closure of a Memorandum of Understanding, tender or investment agreement.

Possessing access to technical assistance on project level, SinoGate has the ability to collect and compile the necessary project details required to successfully liaise, draft and initiate large scale infrastructure projects, industrial development and urban construction works in investment locations worldwide.

SinoGate facilitates and secures local contracts and tenders on behalf of clients and cooperations throughout international locations, and by benefiting from a local network of partners and associates to ensure local due diligence, priority handling and preferential access to information whenever possible.

Strong Links & Partnerships

International Ties

SinoGate’s main corporate stake holders, partners and associates are based in China and look back on long-term cooperations and partnerships with several leading Chinese Top 100 Enterprises, both in Beijing and throughout core locations in Mainland China.¬†SinoGate Business Intelligence and its associated partnering companies and corporations benefit from a strong network of local support throughout various regions in China, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

IT Security & Communication

State of the art coding and industry leading IT systems build to provide stable uptime and redundant communication structures via secure channels that allows SinoGate to successfully protect valuable data and stand a better stance in today’s harsh business surroundings.

Powered by Open Source Software and by using today’s most advanced 256-AES encryption technology, we ensure a high level of security when it comes to data protection using advanced VPN-like systems encrypted communication channels as default for secure data transmission. Innovative cloud-computing solutions enable our partners to securely access the information they need from anywhere in the world and at anytime. High-bit encryption algorithms ensure that the information is transfered safely from one location to the other.

Your Growth is Our Success

Let your enterprise benefit from our facilitating expertise and create sustainable growth for your business. Extra leverage is what you need in order to keep a sharp competitive edge in todays demanding economic surrounding.

With a strong focus on business intelligence and development strategies, SinoGate is setting new standards for efficient structuring of commercial and industrial cross-border operations in today’s emerging markets.¬†Combining a high-levels of cultural communication skills with state of the art IT systems, SinoGate takes pride in delivering reliable solutions in today’s fast changing world.¬†

SinoGate is a gatekeeper of abundant investment resources. Sustainable growth can be achieved, even as the world is changing faster and faster with every day:

New and emerging markets are of growing importance, and with our dedicated team of professional investment consultants and facilitators to advise on a winning China strategy for your company, the success of your venture is certain.

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