IT Infrastructure & Regional Development

Development projects using innovative IT infrastructure to empower local communities with direct access to information via high-speed internet connectivity will ultimately create realistic outlooks for a whole new generation of young and highly motivated computer-literate programmers throughout the emerging countries of Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa and present them with a wealth of new opportunities.

SinoGate seeks to become actively involved in projects supporting IT development and innovative low-cost Open Source solutions that can greatly help improve peoples life’s throughout the 3rd World. India is a powerful example of how much the IT industry can help transform an entire country into a leading global technology player. In upcoming countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Southern and Eastern Africa, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia the paradigm shift of the new century manifests itself mostly in how much modern IT structures, from mobile phone networks and SMS to internet gains an important role in transforming societies and drastically improves life for entire communities.

As countries like Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and many more implement 3G networks, high-speed optical fiber infrastructure and internet connections becomes available to more and more people, we’re currently witnessing a new and exiting boost of internet users worldwide. More and more people come online over the next years, and as they do some of them are likely to be connected via newest technology and fast speeds, gaining leverage over areas in the US or Europe where broadband internet is not yet available to all.

Certainly it will take several years for the emerging markets to establish the same internet penetration rate as e.g Europe or China, but as they do we’ll see a different internet landscape developing that will look different from the net we are used to, and with a far more colorful appearance.

Open Source Software & HR Development

Today intelligent young people in Nairobi, Dakar or Calcutta can realize their dreams by learning how to use a computer equipped with a fast internet connection. Companies and ideas or formed in universities and internet cafes, where large numbers of young gamers and coders gather night after night for endless sessions in front of glowing computer screens and create the new enterprises of tomorrow’s equalized world.

Innovative IT solutions for E-Learning, E-Commerce and E-Governance is one of our main interest when it comes to development projects and IT related educational projects and E-Commerce ventures.

We at SinoGate support an Open Source software development model that teaches and educates young programmers in emerging countries to develop and boost their own potential and ultimately establish themselves on the global stage of innovative software development.

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