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Chinese Investments in Africa: World Bank Talks

2 September 2009
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Chinese investments into a commercial private equity vehicle under World Bank steering has been encouraged by the World Bank, who expressed its interest in the participation of Chinese investments through such cooperations. It still remains open to see if China is willing to jump on this wagon.
Robert Zoellick, the President of the World Bank is [...]

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Kenya: China Crescent Builds WiMAX Network

28 August 2009
WiMAX Communication Tower

China Crescent Enterprises announced this week to begin construction of their first project in Africa, and are starting the expansion of operations on the continent by setting up a WiMAX (802.16E) network in Kenya.
WiMAX is an acronym that stands for ‘Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access’ and provides wireless transmission of data via various transmission modes, from [...]

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