Tanzania: Kigamboni Bridge for $100 Mill. to be Reassessed by World Bank

June 5, 2009

As stated during late May by Dieter Schelling, a specialist with the World Bank in Tanzania, the World Bank is currently funding a new study that targets to resolve conflicting estimates of the total cost of construction, which is currently at $100 million US Dollars.

The bridge, called the Kigamboni Bridge is going to cross the Dar es Salaam port channel. Proposed is a six-lane, 640m long bridge that is going to link Dar es Salaam City with Kigamboni, a fast growing residential and business area.

“The project needs a fresh feasibility study and a concession document that investors can use to evaluate the project’s worth”
Dieter Schelling, World Bank Tanzania

A former study from 1991 will thus get updated, says the World Bank. The current plans for the construction of the is bridge have been on for more than four years. However, the World Bank currently deems the fund as too ambitious, and suggesting that the bridge should start with a two-lane over-crossing and not the six that the $100 million funding plan is seeking.

The World Bank also recommends the bridge to be constructed using the build-operate-transfer method BOT.

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